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Wiseguy Pest Control

Pest control Joplin, Pittsburg, Neosho and the surrounding areas .

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We know our website isn't the greatest.
In the end, the customer pays for the fancy website.
Check prices, you'll see.

About Us

We take pride in our work.


We are a small company that is focused on service.  When we service your home or business,  our price includes interior and exterior treatment, weather permitting.  If it happens to be raining, we will swing by at our first opportunity and take care of the outside. 

We sub-contract termites


 The reason is simple-- The specialized equipment is expensive and the insurance is expensive. We can keep our prices reasonable because you aren't paying for something you may never need. Rest assured, we know termites and if we see signs of activity, we will bring it to your attention.  We can point you in the right direction or, if you prefer, stay onsite to oversee treatment.  

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


We guarantee our service. Period.
If you aren't happy, just give us a call and we will come back--It is that simple.

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Some pest businesses just throw a price at you based on what they think they can get you to pay.We price our General Pest service based on the square footage of your home. Everyone pays the same no matter the car in your drive or the neighborhood in which you live. We feel it is fair for all.
Call us for a price. If you dont know the square footage, we will look it up through the county. 

Wiseguy Pest Control

1416 South Kentucky Avenue, Joplin, Missouri 64804, United States

(417) 437 2750 417 291 7462


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